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Mathematical papers

Eugenio Elia Levi

Theory of compound interest and annuities, with a series of logarithmic tables (1913)

Fédor. Thoman

A new correlation for mass transfer in the flow of gases through packed beds and for the... (1959)

Edward J. Lynch

Logarithmic tables (1894)

George William Jones

On the construction of tables and on interpolation (1920)

Karl Pearson

On the principles of English university education (1838)

William Whewell

A short account of the history of mathematics (1915)

W. W. Rouse Ball (Walter William Rouse)


Actuarial Society of America and Actuarial Society of America. Papers and transactions

Miscellanies (1776)

William Emerson

Mathematics of finance (1921)

H. L. Rietz (Henry Lewis)

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