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The American Woman's Home (1869)

Catharine Esther Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe

An Elementary Treatise (1867)

Peter B. Mead

School and home cooking (1920)

Carlotta C. Greer (Carlotta Cherryholmes)

An outline on the history of cookery (1915)

Anna. Barrows

The edible Mollusca of Great Britain and Ireland (1884)

M. S. Lovell

Principles of cooking (1914)

Emma Conley

Fruits, and how to use them (1890)

Mrs. Hester Martha Poole (Hunt)

Cups and Their Customs (1869)

George Edwin Roberts and Henry M. D. Porter

Simple cooking of wholesome food for the farm home (1913)

Jessie Pinning. Rich

California Street M.E. Church cook book (1911)

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