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Advanced mathematics for electronics technicians (1951)

United States. Bureau of Naval Personnel.

Arithmetical magazine, or, Mercantile accountant, adapted to the commerce of the United States of... (1803)

James A. Mackay (James Alexander)

Elements of arithmetic (1824)

Etienne Bézout

Journal of research-National Bureau of Standards

United States. National Bureau of Standards.

Guidebook to excellence (1994)

Guidebook to excellence (Pacific Region ed.)

A complete course of pure mathematics (1829)

Louis-Benjamin Francoeur

Unitary symmetry for pedestrians (1964)

H. J. Lipkin

Actuarial theory (1907)

William Alexander. Robertson

A complete system of practical arithmetic, with various branches in the mathematics (1800)

William. Taylor

Outlines of mathematical science for the school room (1867)

Charles Davies

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