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Manual of logarithms (1890)

G. F Matthews

Sandhurst mathematical papers for admission into the Royal Military College for the years 1881-1889 (1890)

Eng. Royal Military College Sandhurst and Brooksmith, Eldred John

The teaching and history of mathematics in the United States (1890)

Florian Cajori

Four figure mathematical tables (1890)

James Thomson Bottomley

Elementary mathematical tables (1890)

Alexander Macfarlane

Elementary mathematical tables (1890)

Alexander Macfarlane

Logarithmic tables (1890)

George William Jones

The scientific papers (1890)

James Clerk Maxwell and Niven

Tiffany's digest of depreciations, with the addition of numerous tables, formulas and rules for the... (1890)

H. S. Tiffany (Henry Stanton)

A table of hyperbolic cosines and sines (1890)

Thomas Blakesley

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