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A first look at what we can learn from high performing school districts (1999)

Influences tending to improve the work of the teacher of mathematics (1912)

International Commission on the Teaching of Mathematics.

Diophants of Alexandria (1885)

Thomas Little Heath

Bulletin of the International association for promoting the study of quaternions and allied symbols...

International Association for Promoting the Study of Quaternions and Allied Symbols of Mathematics.

The theory of errors and method of least squares (1893)

William Woolsey Johnson

Hints and answers (1831)

John Martin Frederick Wright

Mathematics for freshmen students of engineering (1911)

Theodore. Lindquist

Engineering field tables (1927)

United States. Forest Service

Application for grants (1990)

Computation rules and logarithms (1896)

Silas W. Holman (Silas Whitcomb)

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