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Architectural record

London houses from 1660 to 1820

A. E. Richardson (Albert Edward) and Gill, Charles Lovett

American architect and architecture

Buildings of Britain

Architectural and picturesque illustrations of the cathedral churches of England and Wales

Benjamin Winkles

Six lectures on architecture

Ralph Adams Cram and Hastings, Thomas, 1860-1929;Bragdon, Claude Fayette, 1866-1946

Recent English domestic architecture = Architecture domestique anglais de nos jours = Neueste...

Mervyn E Macartney

The five orders of architecture, the casting of shadows and the first principles of construction...

Vignola, Giacomo Barozzio, called and Esquié, Pierre

Domestic architecture

Brown, Richard, architect

Flowers from mediƦval history

Minerva Delight Kellogg

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