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What the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) means for systemic school... (1998)

A course of mathematics (1812)

Charles Hutton

A collection of mathematical tables (1804)

Andrew Mackay

Bija Ganita, or, The algebra of the Hindus (1813)


Science and hypothesis (1907)

Henri Poincaré

The Leeds correspondent (1815)

Book of the opening of the Rice Institute

William M. Rice Institute and Altamira, Rafael;Borel, Emile;Croce, Benedetto;Vries, Hugo de;Jones, Henry;Mackail, J. W.;Ostwald, Wilhelm;Poincaré, Henri;Ramsay, William.;Størmer, Carl;Volterra, Vito;Kikuchi, Dairoku

Cambridge Senate-House problems and riders for the year 1860 (1860)

Edward John Routh and Watson, Henry William

The expectation of parts into which a magnitude is divided at random (1898)

William Allen Whitworth

A treatise of algebra

William Emerson

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