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A collection of problems and examples in mathematics (1858)

Henry Arthur Morgan and Jesus College (University of Cambridge)

Seven-figure logarithms of numbers from 1 to 108,000 and of sines, cosines, tangents, cotangents to... (1881)

Ludwig Schrön

A course of mathematics (1816)

Charles Hutton

Euclid's Elements of geometry (1872)


A short account of the history of mathematics (1901)

W. W. Rouse Ball (Walter William Rouse)

Guidebook to excellence (1994)

Guidebook to excellence (Southeast Region ed.)

Handbook of mathematics for engineers (1918)

E. V. Huntington (Edward Vermilye)

Rinehart mathematical tables, formulas, and curves (1953)

Harold Daniel Larsen

Bija Ganita, or, The algebra of the Hindus (1813)


What the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) means for systemic school... (1998)

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