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BookPrep is a web service that allows book publishers/content owners to bring back all their out of print books.  Through our web site consumers can search our collection, read these books online, and order printed copies.

We are actively seeking additional content and encourage publishers to contact us.

Our Service

The BookPrep service is designed to prepare scanned books for the Print on Demand (POD) market as well as for online consumption.

Book Preparation

BookPrep takes raw scanned images and cleans up artifacts that exist due to age or that are introduced during the scanning process. The processed pages are then packaged into various formats for both print and online distribution. We have an ever-expanding network of Print Service Providers and agreements with several online distribution channels to sell the content.

processing diagram


Once the artifacts are cleaned up, we package the book pages into various forms for printing and online consumption.

In cases where original scans of the book covers are not available, publishers can design their own covers and integrate them into our cover generation system. We include a rich set of predefined cover templates for this purpose.

Combining the book block, covers, and meta data, we generate various formats for print media as well as for reading books on electronic devices.

automatically generated cover and online book reader


Once the book has been processed and packaged we help publishers sell their content using our online/offline distribution network. Publishers are also free to sell the content using their existing distribution network.